Braised Pork with White Wine Mushroom Sauce

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A smooth creamy white wine sauce, savoury chunks of braised oven-baked pork, and wild mushrooms are served on a generous portion of bow pasta. This dish will please both gourmet and food-lovers alike. A pure delight to be enjoyed without moderation!


Happy Yak braised pork is a scrumptious meal. Enhanced with a smooth creamy wild mushroom and white wine sauce, this meal is simple and easy to prepare. It contains 40 g of protein which providing you the energy you need for your activities. Pour the contents of the pouch into a pot, cook as indicated and enjoy!


Meat braising has been around for many years. This technique consists of cooking pork, beef or other meat very slowly in a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pot. If the word “braised” refers to embers, it comes from the time when dishes were placed on embers to  cook. This long, slow cooking process helps tenderize the meat and keep its wonderful aromas and delicious flavours.