Classic Models

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 Nordkapp Førti

Summary – The Førti, which means "forty" in Norwegian, is the latest version of the Nordkapp sea kayak, which is undoubtedly one of the most influential kayaks ever produced. The original design was created specifically for a 1975 expedition along the Norwegian coast to the northernmost point in Scandinavia. This expedition marked the beginning of modern sea kayak expeditions and was a turning point in the sport's equipment design. When you paddle this kayak, you are paddling a vessel that can trace its DNA back to that first sea kayak expedition.

 Anas Acuta

Summary – The Anas Acuta kayak offers a unique experience that closely resembles paddling a traditional skin on frame Greenland kayak. This kayak is designed based on measurements taken from a historic Greenland kayak and features low decks, hard chines, and pronounced rocker. These design elements make the kayak highly responsive to paddler inputs and provide an enjoyable paddling experience.

 Aleut II

The Aleut is widely considered as one of the top-performing expedition double kayaks available in the market. With its length of 22 feet, it offers exceptional speed, secure handling, and ample capacity to suit a variety of purposes. This kayak is versatile enough to be used for a range of activities; from serious expeditioning to winning adventure races, and everything in between. Moreover, you can order an Aleut as a two or three-piece take-apart kayak, which further enhances its adaptability.


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