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We are thrilled to announce that the Petrel Play kayak is finally in Canada! The sea trials conducted to test its performance were a resounding success, and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who have tried it out. Thanks to the expertise of two highly trained composite engineers, we have finalized the layups to ensure that the Petrel Play is lightweight and incredibly sturdy. We are confident that the Petrel Play kayak will exceed your expectations and provide an unparalleled kayaking experience.IMG_0124.JPG The Petrel Play kayak results from years of meticulous design refinement by its designer, the legendary Nick Shade of Guillemot Kayaks. This smaller version of the legendary Petrel kayak packs a punch with its intuitive responsiveness and instant, precise response. It is an ideal choice for experienced paddlers who demand nothing but the best. The Play's secondary stability is confidence-inspiring, even for novice paddlers. It excels in open water, where it eagerly catches waves with just a single paddle stroke. On flat water, it is a joy to paddle and boasts a long waterline that allows it to keep up with longer kayaks. The Play is highly maneuverable, turning on a dime with subtle inputs. After countless demos, it has consistently elicited one word from everyone who tries it: "Wow".

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Available Options 

  • Keelstrip $335
Layup: Fiberglass Infusion

Weight: 40 pounds

We use a combination of different weight E-Glass cloths and orient them in a way that maximizes durability. After applying a Gelcoat finish, we carefully select a variety of cloths and fibre orientations to create a super tough layup that is unmatched by other kayak manufacturers. To balance toughness with lightweight, we add a layer of Innegra and infuse it with Epoxy Resin. At only 40 pounds, this layup is stronger than what most paddlers will ever need.

Layup: Basalt/Innegra
Weight: 36 pounds

This layup is designed for active water paddlers, instructors and guides who paddle in extreme conditions and put their equipment to the test. The layup is made of an inner and outer layer of Basalt/Innegra fabric, which sandwiches a Biaxial Fiberglass. The unique look of the Basalt/Innegra is distinctive, but the real value is in its durability. We have tested this layup in real-world "destructive" on-water testing and it has proven to be extremely tough. In fact, we have not yet been able to find its limits and it can be stacked up against any expedition-style layup. Like all of our layups, it is infused with Epoxy Resin to take advantage of the amazing properties of Basalt and Innegra.

Layup: Hybrid Basalt/Innegra Hull with Carbon Fiber Deck
Weight: 34 pounds

If you're looking for a lightweight and incredibly strong boat, consider a hull made of Basalt/Innegra and a deck made of Carbon fibre. This combination allows you to benefit from the strength of the Basalt/Innegra in the hull and the stiffness and light weight of Carbon fibre in the deck. If you want to showcase the beauty of the Carbon fibre, you can choose to have a clear coating applied to the deck. This option will make your boat stand out from the competition.

Layup: Carbon Lite
Weight: 30 pounds

Looking for an ultralight and durable kayak? Look no further! Our latest model features a cutting-edge layup that combines the lightweight of Carbon Fiber with the toughness of Innegra. This means you get a boat that is both incredibly lightweight and highly durable. Unlike other carbon boats, this one is built to last and can withstand even the toughest conditions. We've tested this combination extensively and the results are simply amazing. So why settle for a heavy, clunky kayak when you can have one that is both lightweight and durable? Choose our Carbon Fiber-Innegra layup and experience the ultimate paddling experience!


  • Length: 14 Feet ​
  • Beam: 23 Inches​
  • Hull Form: Swede
  • Depth at knee: 10 1/4 Inches
  • Depth at the rear of the cockpit:​ 6 3/4 Inches
  • Designed by Nick Schade

Included in Options Above 

  • Deck Rigging (choice of colour) 
  • Kayak colour scheme 
  • Clear Coat Option on Carbon Fiber
  • Custom foam seat included thigh braces
Custom Options/Add ons
  • Keelstrip - 2 lbs
  • Whiskey Hatch - 4 lbs
  • Rough Water Rigging Package - .2 lbs
  • Underdeck Pump Holder - .25 lbs

*All weights are observed, as “ready to paddle”. Includes hatches, rigging, seat, and foot braces.