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Our Flagship Expedition-Style Kayak



Summary – Fast, straight tracking but still with the hint of playfulness that all Valley kayaks are famous for. The longer waterline, of the Etain, ensures that performance is maintained and handling remains predictable, even when laden. 

Valley is known for producing expedition sea kayaks, and their history began with the Nordkapp in 1975. The terms "Expedition", "Expedition-Capable", and "Expedition-style" are often used to describe sea kayaks that are 17 feet or longer, but it is important to understand that these types of kayaks are not only suitable for extended multi-day trips. They also have key characteristics such as speed, good tracking, and consistent performance regardless of load variation, making them ideal for a wide range of sea-kayaking activities.

The Etain kayak was designed with a very neutral hull form to provide predictable handling and a balanced feel in any condition. It has a shallow to moderately "V'd" keel for good initial stability, a long waterline to promote forward speed, and just enough rocker for a balance between tracking and maneuverability. The widest point of the kayak is located at the paddler's hips, creating a real sense of connection between the kayak and the paddler, resulting in an efficient and enjoyable paddling experience.

The Etain has been proven on several major expeditions, including Justine Curgenven's 2014 Kayaking The Aleutian Adventure. It is an expedition-capable kayak that offers a good turn of speed and tracks well, making it an ideal choice for paddlers looking for an enjoyable paddling experience.


Composite Fitted Options - Priced extra

  • Special Position Bulkhead
  • Silva 70 P Compass fitted
  • Extra R.D. Fittings 
  • Towing Cleat/Bullseye fitted
  • Bow and Stern Steering on Aleuts
  • D Ring fitted to hull or deck inside
  • Clear Hulls/Alpha Jewels/Fades/Racing Stripes
  • Outside Keel Strip - Singles
  • Outside Keel Strip - Aleut


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